Pasteque, POS software

Pasteque (french word for watermelon) is a POS software (Point Of Sales). Often found with a cash drawer and a ticket printer, it fully manages your point of sales, may it be a restaurant, a grocery, a depot, a cloth shop…

Why using Pasteque ?

  • Easy to learn, for an effective use at rush hours
  • Export your data to your accounting software
  • Easy to backup
  • « Cloud » solution, your data available through Internet for multi-site shops and nomad sales
  • Compatible with generic cashing hardware and also « tactile tablets »
  • Customizable : 24 skins, more than 7 languages, advanced options to best fit your hardware…
  • Extensible : possibility to add new features like automatic order to your suppliers, connectivity to your on-line shop…
  • Free software, adaptable, available for all and open

Created by Scil, based upon OpenBravoPOS